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Here we have another interesting plastic packaging replacement made from bio based, eco friendly materials. 

Developed by forestry scientists at the University of Gottingen in Germany this new innovation is designed to replace both current plastic and Styrofoam packaging products. The novelty here is it is made of popcorn!

The plastics industry sends over 40% of it’s products to the packaging industry making this sector their most important client base by quite some margin. 

This in and of itself would present quite a large obstacle for any widespread adoption of this new innovation however their is cause for optimism as many global brands have looked to rethink their product packaging and make it more recyclable or biodegradable in recent times. 

Popcorn Packaging: Really? 

In the context of an ever growing renewable packaging market the team form the Chemistry and Composite Materials process engineering team at Gottingen looked to develop a repeatable process that allows them to produce 3D moulded formats converted from popcorn granules. 

With this new process refined a wide variety of moulded parts can now be produced. Many different designs can also be tailored for different applications. Including open end designs like 3 side seal pouch packaging which are far more familiar and widely adopted solutions in the retail and FMCG markets. Once products are placed inside the packaging responds well to heat and can be welded and closed with a Heat Sealer machine.

Aleireza Kharazipour, Head of the Research Group also commented that the current production process if based on current techniques used in the plastics packaging industry. The new popcorn packaging solutions are able to be transported safely and are very safe solution for use in the general supply chain. The packaging substrate itself is fully biodegradable. 

Interestingly the packaging developed is also water repellent with the faculty already looking to commercialize this process. 

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