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The new, improved, high-tech facility of Pharma Packaging Solutions in Clinton, TN will help it serve its government and commercial clients better.

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A new home for Pharma Packaging Solutions (PPS) in Clinton, Tennessee. 
PPS is an old company part of Carton Service Inc which has been in business since 1926. 
Primarily PPS are involved in turn key solutions like contract packaging and pharmaceutical grade bags . It also conducts packaging for government agencies as well as packaging for healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.  
The new factory facility is only 7 miles from the previous Tennessee site in Norris.
Previously the Norris site was known only as Carton Service Inc. A huge expansive facilitate of over 48,000 sq ft. In 2009 the pharmaceutical packaging division was re named Pharma Packaging Solutions in order to increase awareness around the companies ability to provide solutions in a complicated and heavily regulated market. 
Here PPS will maintain it strict quality control and CGMP procedures for sterilization & GDUFA requirements. 
Key features of the new site include it being completely gated, next generation security systems, best practice blueprint to help achieve compliance and sterilization targets.  
From the new base they also expect to boost output to 20% for primary production lines like pharmaceutical foil packaging as well as a further 25% increase for secondary lines like kit assembly and repackaging operations.   
Continual investment will happen into the future in order for PPS to be able to better serve its government and commercial clients alike. 




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