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Procter and Gamble – the Cincinnati-based company, will have to pay a penalty of $850,000 to settle a case that has been filed by prosecutors in consumer protection action.

The lawsuit has been filed in the District Attorney’s Offices of Fresno, Shasta, Yolo and Riverside counties.

It claims that P&G has a comparatively larger packaging for its products. Such packages can be a way to mislead the consumers. The company has agreed to pay the penalties levied on it. However, it does not admit any kind of wrongdoing.

According to a decision reported by the DA’s office a few weeks ago, the product packaging of the company’s Olay skin care products contained unnecessary “slack fill” which is in violation of the Californian law.

According to a statement given by Deputy DA Jonathan Raven, “slack fill” is the use of oversized packages to make that the package look as if it contains more quantities than it actually has.

Such a practice is considered unlawful by the Californian court of law. As a result, P&G was slapped with the lawsuit.

P&G’s Olay Products Accused of “Slack Fill” Packaging

After this lawsuit was filed, Proctor and Gamble conducted a review of all its products. At the same time, the company also promised to change its entire range of Olay packaging. However, despite not admitting any kind of wrongdoing, P&G has agreed to pay a penalty of $850,000 as part of civil penalties and costs.

From the total amount of penalties collected from P&G, each of the four DA’s offices will receive$194,000 in civil penalties and $12,000 for costs that in turn will be used to fund other kinds of consumer cases and investigations.

After this entire episode, District Attorney of Yolo County – Jeff Reisig, said that he takes pride in the fact that their office remains highly vigilant and careful about consumer protection.
He added how they take a close note of the fact that customers in any way are not misled by false representations or advertisements.

In his statement, he has emphasized how he, along with his entire department, was happy about the fact that Procter and Gamble has decided to change its packaging for its Olay skin care products.

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