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Absolut Drop Vodka Packaging – The new Absolut Drop vodka packaging has been unveiled by the brand just in time for Valentine’s Day to help spread the word of inclusive lov…

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Check out this new politically sensitive product packaging.


One of the worlds biggest brands has unveiled its new Absolute Drop Vodka Packaging . It has been released just in time for Valentines Day and is there to help spread the good word for all inclusive love. 


The Vodka bottles are limited edition and are manufactured using recycled glass that feature labeling made with a special ink. 


We say special as believe it or not the ink used has been extracted from signage that has been collected from anti-LGBT and racist groups used during protest. We have no clue as to how Absolute came into possession of this, let alone get enough ink to do a whole production run.  


Each bottle is embossed with the word ‘love’ that is written in different languages across the surface area of the bottle.


They want the bottle to be a beacon of ‘international love’. Hmmmmmm!


Is this cynical marketing or worse a patronizing stunt towards the self respecting people of the LBGT and Colored communities?


The packaging is certainly powerful and the message behind it a good one, but….


This does kind of remind me a little bit of the Meghan Markle writing on Bananas event. Just in that it s virtue signalling gone mad. In any case why would it be necessary to recycle the ink from racist signs. Surely its just the message itself that matters?


The Head of Marketing at Absolut explained that the company is proud of the packaging and its powerful message that love has no borders and that this is at the heart of Absolut brand.


Absolut is a passionate supporter of the LBGT community and has a long standing partnership with the Stonewall campaign. 


They have also placed a ‘Take pride in diversity’ medal across the bottle. This further appeals to the collector and captures the attention of more people. 


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