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Also known as pallet covers they can be supplied individually or on a reel. This product goes my several different names but you are most likely to have heard it described as either the above or lay flay tubing.

Packaging by Design

The performance goal of this pallet wrap is to form a protective outer layer over the contents. This will keep goods safe from weathers as well as offering debris and dust protection. Though we would not recommend these products for any kind of long term storage they can be ideal when transport pallets spend time outside during packaging and preparation.

They are transparent too allowing for easy inspection of the pallet and their payload. Alternatively you can opt for black shrink wrap where anonymity for your goods is a key driver. Perfect for theft prevention in the packaging supply chain.

Furthermore they are very user friendly and can applied to even awkward/large pallets with relative ease.

When the gusseted tubing is supplied on a perforated roll simply cut tunnel to desired length, before shrouding simply raise the pallet slightly so that the edge of the film can be placed under the pallet.

Shroud the film over the pallet and secure edges underneath. Finish by using a shrink wrap gun to crimp the material. You can secure the ends with tape here if needed.

Sizes vary drastically depending on the pallet size however as with all Valdamark Specialist Packaging products we offer stock sizes to suit the majority of applications. Most standard films are supplied in 500 gauge constructions as standard film on reel however if you cannot see the specification or size required get in touch with one of our sales team as we are likely able to meet your requirements.

Alternatively if you just require advice or need help with answers to a wider Packaging Solution our team is here to help.

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