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The report from Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (Ucima) confirms that Italian packaging sector continued its expansion in the year 2018, with a recorded growth of 3.6%.

The total turnover of the packaging industry in Italy was as high as €6.22bn. Exports rose by 1.2% when compared to the previous years.

This means international markets were responsible for the sector’s 81.2% of sales, said the organization with its headquarters in Modena.

As far as exports were concerned, the top takers of Italian packaging technologies were the European Union countries. Almost one-third of its exports were to the European Union. The second biggest players were the Asian countries that imported Italian packaging system in bulk.

Non-European Union countries were at the third position.

A further industry-wise break-up to analyze which industry was the largest buyer of Italian packaging and packaging equipment showed some interesting facts.

As much as 31.8% of its turnover could be accounted to the food industry machinery. The beverage industry machinery accounted for 29.5%. As a result, the food and beverage industry was, by far, the largest purchaser of Italian packaging and packaging equipment.

The Packaging Sector in Italy Predicted to Posts High Sales in 2015

The chairman of Ucima – Giuseppe Lesce, is highly optimistic about the sales figure of 2019 as far as the packaging sector of Italy is concerned.

Packaging companies of Italy that had turnovers of more than €25m constituted just 7.4% of the total among the industries that generated the highest turnover in a year. However, the share is the largest comprising two-thirds of the total share.

It has been noted that most of the packaging industries of Italy are based out of Emilia Romagna, situated towards the northern part of the country.

These companies accounted for 54.6% of the total turnover in the packaging sector of the nation.

This is a report generated by the third National Statistical Survey of Ucima.

Giuseppe Lesce also said that in the initial months, the main markets witnessed a slowdown in orders. However, the final sales figures show the market has successfully rode that phase out.

Hence, this year too, he expects the market, especially the packaging sector, to post an amazing growth rate.

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