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Drupa 2019 is the global leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions.

It’s scheduled to run in Germany’s Dusseldorf from May 31 to June 10. An important aspect of this event is drupa cube. This is an innovative conference program that aims to bridge the gap between print professionals and their brand and marketing owner clients as well as creative agencies, across a range of vertical markets.

This special conference and event program will include several applications in various industries including Mil Spec Packaging for government and defense contractors.

How the Packaging Industry Will Benefit From Drupa 2019

Visitors to the fair will experience new technologies like 3D printing and printed electronics, along with digital printing techniques’ use in packaging and creative multichannel applications.

All these will emphasize on the remarkable potential and innovation of print.

With an interdisciplinary approach, event program and international conference drupa cube will focus on the functionality and relevance of print that often exists between printing professionals and their creative agency, marketing team, and brand owner clients.

Unlike earlier cube conferences in 2008 and 2012, which were organized by target group, drupa 2019 will be based on six key themes. These include Print, Multichannel, Package Production, laminated packaging, 3D Printing, Green Printing and Functional Printing.

Each presentation slot will merge different themes using best practice case studies.

3D printing and sustainability, packaging printing and functional printing, and multichannel including print are some of the combinations set to be explored.

This outside-the-box principle will encourage thinking beyond apparently fixed boundaries and signal new possibilities for visitors. This way, drupa 2016 and cube conferences will broaden the horizon for the future of print.

Drupa cube embraces an interdisciplinary concept and explores a range of themes in this forthcoming event.

For the first time, it is also set to address selected vertical markets including bulk packaging for medical devices, food, cosmetics, interior design, consumer goods, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the public and financial sectors.

According to Sabine Geldermann, drupa’s Director, all these will help attract new visitor groups to drupa and motivate them with the diverse possibilities of print.

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