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Valdamark’s one stop shop policy has been a proven success over the past several years. What started as a specialist packaging materials business has evolved into a ‘one stop shop’ with highly competitive prices and a company policy that procures and offers for sale only the best premium brands.

As a result of this remarkable quality and delivery capability Valdamark has earned a proud position as market leader with a reputation for the competitive pricing, premium brands and a delivery capability second to done.

As we expand evidence of this success is apparent. Our client base is highly diverse, however our core market remains the freight and logistics companies that often purchase from multiple product lines.

Looking at applications within these sectors Export Packaging has always been our ‘core business’ having requirements for the majority of our product range. This can be Shockwatch, Humidity Indicators, Foil bags, heat shrink guns, shrink wrap, anti-static bags and heat sealer guns.

Packaging Materials and Packaging Supplies

All products are available from stock. This in itself is a unique selling point as in the packaging materials industry most manufacturers, vendors and distributors will quote a lead time that can be anywhere between 2 and 10 weeks.

Valdamark recognise that global business is moving at a faster speed that ever before. The ‘just in time’ delivery is almost expected as standard – regardless of the product in question.

Our global client base has never had more demanding expectations, but this presents a challenge to this company and not a problem. Our policy has been to not supply any standard product which is not available in stock, whilst at the same time we stick to a ‘lean manufacturing’ principle for made to order packaging.

Going back to the supply chain our product range is comprehensive enough to deal with every aspect of this, weather it be the assembly line or the freight packaging itself we can make sure the goods are fully protected in accordance with your requirements and international packaging regulations.

As we move forward more and more clients become aware of our superior offer, twin this with our pricing and delivery the offer becomes highly attractive to those packaging sensitive items.

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