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We love a new packaging design that makes you smile. 

Aqualife is a new line of drinks packaging designs by branding agency Svoe Mnenie. Featuring an unmistakable bight turquoise front and centre it certainly stands out amongst both established and indie niche. 

The illustrations are somewhat inviting I think you will agree. For us we were transported to a hot summers day with that feeling you get when you crack open a cold can of thirst quenching beverage. You know, instant refreshment!

The design of the cans is bubbly and bright, somehow conveying the look of the liquid inside. It’s clever. 

Packaging Design for Younger Audiences

Aqualife is already a market leader in the Russian soft drinks sector. Being a major player they wanted to widen their product portfolio to include a brand with specific appeal to the younger, target demographic. 

This resulted in a comprehensive design consultation with the Svoe Mnenie design agency, ultimately deciding on the Fantola design concept. 

The different designs feature many fantasy based images. Our favourite is the Horse turned Unicorn. 

Each image was produced using a collage technique corresponding to the main motive of each marketing campaign. 

This approach was further enhanced with each drinks unusual taste & flavour combinations

We think the agency has done a great job in developing what can be considered a unique, one of a kind soft drinks brand with awesome, stand out product packaging. 

Fantola has become a by word on social media and is certainly enjoying a positive product launch. 

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