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Numana Inc is a non profit public charity that is looking to solve one of the biggest problems around the world. Hunger. Volunteers needed for disaster relief. 

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It is no secret that of all the global problems blighting the planet, Hunger is probably the worst. How can we not feed the population in 2019?


Did you know one person dies every 6 seconds from a hunger related condition? This works out at 25,000 victims a day!


Numana Inc is a not for profit company looking to make an impact. They started as a public charity over 10 years ago and have committed to providing international hunger relief ever since. 


They have coordinated millions of food packages to disaster relief incidents within the United States over the years. They have been supported by an army of over 178,000 volunteers. 


These volunteers have distributed a whopping 32,000,000 nutritious and healthy meals in 2 & 4 hour shifts. 


Despite this volume the meals themselves are not of low quality and contain everything the body needs for nourishment and sustenance. Pinto beans, soy beans, vitamin and mineral powders as well as other ingredients to help those who have become undernourished. 


Numana Inc Issues Rally Cry For Disaster Relief Volunteers!


As you would expect making these meals and distributing them to where they are most needed is no easy feat and very labor intensive. Disaster relief is not a cheap en devour! 


The process has many stages including ingredients being evaluated, measured and then packed into pet/alu/pe bags to protect against moisture and humidity during transportation and storage. 


Finally they are put into boxes on packaging lines, then sent our into the field. 


The cost of each food package comes in at about 30 cent U.S. per meal. This included all the ingredients as well as the laminated packaging materials plus global shipping. 


Henderson County Food Pantry has worked in partnership with Numana Inc acting as worldwide distributor. Despite most meals remaining in the U.S. many of course will be sent to ‘hot spots’ around the world in dry bulk container liner packaging


Where there are multiple catastrophes this gets prioritized and in recent years Nepal, El Salvador, Rwanda and Haiti have all been majority receivers of meals from Numana Inc. 


This is noble work on the part of both Numana and Henderson as well as Athens First United Methodist Church who have recently partnered with Numana in bringing their community volunteers to work on the meal preparation.