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LiquiGlide introduce cost effective, waste reducing & environmentally friendly new food packaging coating. Very innovative.   

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Norwegian company LiquiGlide is set to introduce a new innovative food packaging. 


Headquartered in Oslo it will be marketed by their sister company based in the U.S. LiquiGlide Inc. 


The new product used a advanced coating technology that enables viscous liquids to flow faster over the packaging materials they are applied to.


The benefits are numerous but primarily reduce waste as there is less friction resulting in materials sticking to the container.  So it saves time for the consumer. 


One major brand Orkla ASA has been an early adopter of this new technology. 


Orkla ASA is a company with a market cap of over $3.9 billion. They are a major supplier of baked, grocery & takeout goods primarily within Scandinavia and the Baltic States. They also have a sizable presence in central Europe as well as some states in India. 


LiquiGlide has been in development since 2012. First they licensed a slick coating technology that was spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


In addition to LiquiGlide’s agreement with Orkla they also have announced a partnership with adhesive manufacturer Elmer Products. 

How Does The LiquiGlide Packaging System Work?

As far as coating technologies go the LiquiGlide system is very impressive. It features a solid layer coated on the containers interior, it then has another liquid layer on top. 


Using ‘capillary forces’ this liquid layer stays positioned in place when the contents of the container begin to empty. 


Both the solid and liquid layers remain absolutely safe and harmless when brought into contact with foodstuffs. 


As a product suitable as packaging for food products I think this will prove to be a revolutionary technology. 


Who hasn’t become frustrated when they see a good amount of toothpaste is still left in the tube?


LiquiGlide can be applied to many different packaging materials. This means that the coating can be modified depending on each application. 


LiquiGlide use spary coating & heat sealer equipment in order to coat the insides of aluminium laminate foil packaging that are seen in everyday products like cans and pouches. 


The coating system does not hinder the recycling of packaging neither. A simple caustic solution can be used to clean any containers of the coating. 


LiquiGlide predict that the system will be inexpensive when developed in the long term. Possible 1 cent or even less per 1 OZ bottle as the system uses inexpensive materials.