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This is an incredible breakthrough. Researchers in Brazil has discovered a new liquid packaging material that extend the shelf life of milk up to 15 days!

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WOW! New Packaging Drastically Increases the Shelf Life Of Milk.

In the world of liquid packaging this is a huge breakthrough!


A new milk packaging can extend the shelf life of milk by up two weeks. This is nearly double the typical use by date on most milk sold. 


The researchers involved have discovered a packaging technology that keeps the milk in a drinkable state for 15 days. The new innovation involves adding microscopic pieces of silver to the container. 


This is effectively a moisture barrier packaging that preserves the contents in the short term. 


The company behind this development is Brazil’s Sao Paulo based Agrindus, a cultivation firm that plan to introduce the concept to US and European markets this year. 


As an example a normal ‘A grade’ Pasteurized whole milk would see it’s shelf life extended from 7 to 15 days. It is quite a leap, who  though has never been frustrated by milk purchased within days going sour before you have a chance to use it?


The magic ingredient is the microscopic pieces of silver. As you may know silver has many antibacterial and self sterilizing qualities. When applied to the rigid plastic containers they make for a very viable milk packaging option. 


How Did It Happen?


We were lucky enough to have lead researcher Luis Pagotto Simoes share some details about the process involved. 


He said it was well known that by using antibacterial & microbial elements boosts conservation and product shelf life when applied to flexible packaging and containers. 


First they started with Polethylene as it is the most common material used in Brazil to bottle fresh milk. 


The silver particles used were tiny and so were powdered in order to allow them to integrate into the plastic bottles. 


Health concerns with the silver did not present any obvious issues as under testing the particles did not separate at any point from the plastic surface. In other words nothing at all mixed with the milk.


Furthermore they discovered that the silver particles were preserving the milk only in conjunction with the plastic bottles. There was no need for any additional additives. 


It is at this point the researchers began to realize that this liquid packaging material may be a breakthrough. 


Upon testing this barrier packaging material researchers found that the shelf life could potentially be extended for up to a year!



Once it is established that the material is truly effective at extending shelf life the US food & drug administration has preliminary agreed to allow the product to be market as food packaging.