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Air Products introduces new & innovative Modified Atmosphere Packaging to static market!

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Take a look at this clever new packaging system from Air Products.


Its a new kind of Modified Air Packaging designed to improve the flavor and aroma of the food contained within it, 


Essentially its a natural process that vaporise the foodstuff’s natural aroma & essential oils into the packaging itself. 


This happens at the same time as the insertion of gas into the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). There is also the advantage that no extra production steps are involved. You do not need to use a Polythene heat sealer It all happens in one sequence. 


This is good for the customers as it add for a more pleasurable sensory experience when opening the packaging. It is thought by Air Products that this kind of perk could influence customers buying decisions. 


Its not often you see these kind of innovations in the MAP packaging market. In fact it is the first in a number of years.


Despite companies like Nestle holding patents around aroma and gas insertion processes no other packaging companies in the UK offering any kind of innovative modified atmosphere packaging like this.