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The new Toshiba thermal barcode printer and scanner is perfect for small labels and medical device packaging!

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New high end precision printer makes the job of compliance in Medical Packaging much easier!

This is the latest thermal barcode printer from Toshiba which brings together their high resolution capabilities with a highly precise small label feeder. 


Regulations aimed at tracking and tracing products through the distribution and supply chains can be difficult to comply with at the best of times! 


One issue facing pharmaceutical manufacturers is the difficulty in fitting all the required information onto the surface area of one small label. 


Toshiba has debuted its new thermal barcode printer that is able to print at very high resolutions but also solves the problem of ‘media shift’ whilst printing. This makes for much better quality print in general – particularly for small labels. 


The Toshiba B-EX473HS prints 600 dpi up to 6 inches per second. The labels can be as small as 0.51 x 0.12 inches with guaranteed accuracy. The machine focuses on maintaining center of alignment which does away with the frustrating ‘media shifts that many operators can experience. 


This makes for very consistent printing which can place barcode data on labels with a very small surface area. 


This kind of capability will mean that many manufacturers will be able to print specialist labels in house in turn lowering their costs whilst maintaining control of compliance issues. 


It is thought this will be particularly useful when considering the new rules introduced by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that state medical device packaging must contain a unique device identifier (UDI) with many product requiring it to be printed on the device itself. The high resolution required here is the perfect job for the new Toshiba printer. 


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