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New Datalase coatings for flexible packaging films are great for companies that require highly traceable, validatable packaging!


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.packagingnews.co.uk

This development extends the companies range to include not just Flexographic Printing but also rotogravure printing. This increases the companies capability in the globally expanding flexible packaging sector. 


The introduction of the new solvent based coating are designed for use in conjunction with C02 lasers which offer a viable alternative to the continuous inkjet (CIJ) method. 


It is also an alternative to laser ablation of variable data coding being able to deliver high resolution, durable, black to white codes across a variety of flexible packaging film substrates as well as other heavier gauge materials like laminated foil packaging for transport and storage. 


The new DataLase solution is a two step process. Step one involves the printer laying down the reactive substrate onto an area of film or foil. It is then possible to either surface print or reverse print under the protection of a barrier laminated foil layer. This is ideal for either proof coding or for anti-counterfeit &tamper proof coding sequences. Great for the pharmaceutical packaging industry in particular. 


This is where it gets clever!


The CO2 laser comes into action at the point where validatable packaging data is applied to the production process e.g. expiry dates, lot codes, and 2D codes etc. Upon exposure to the laser beam the patch is activated, this creates high quality, machine readable and tamper proof codes that are highly suitable for projects where tractability is crucial.