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Researchers from the German Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) have announced a new development in battery technology, using a “new type of flexible and extremely thin bipolar plate allows batteries to be manufactured cost effectively.” The institute presents…

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Take a look at this new battery technology.


It’s never been a more exciting time for energy harvesting technologies.


The German Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and energy technology (UMSICHT) has come up with this new innovation. 


It utilizes a new kind of flexible yet very efficient thin bipolar plate. This allows these type of batteries to be manufactured cost effectively at high volumes.


The battery technology is being presented as a much more simple solution that isn’t as vulnerable to the usual battery problems like overheating and damage to component parts. 


The packaging materials used on its components are drastically reduced allowing for a much more efficient and robust design. It also saves on weight and space too making it a good candidate for potential use in electric vehicles. 



The bipolar plataes are manufactured from polymers made specifically to be electrically conductive. Dr Anna Grevé from Fraunhofer goes on to say it is this method that allows the very thin plates to be made, as opposed to traditional cells that are linked up by wires. This saves over 80% in total materials used. 


The project did not come without challenges though!


Initially once the plates came out of finished production they showed signs of problems with VCI corrosion and uniform size. The problem has seemingly been solved with the introduction of VCI Bags as well as other corrosion treatment solutions. 


On top of this the plates show outstanding resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses. They can even be welded together which in turn allows for a more tight battery construction.