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Lush Health and Beauty reveals its first plastic free packaging product made from biodegradable cork. 

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Lush Health & Beauty has revealed their new plastic free packaging pots, which will be used to contain their house range of solid shampoos and other packaging free products. 


The new packaging is made from biodegradable cork which according to Lush actually sequesters more carbon than its emits. 


The cork comes from trees which are not cut down. Instead their bark is removed just once every 10 years!


Elaborating further on this process Miles King, a nature writer commented that the cork raw material is traditionally used to make wine corks. It has a lot of benefits including being anti-bacterial, fire retardant and water resistant. In addition the material is flexible and easy to manipulate into different shapes and sizes. At the end of its lifespan it can also be composted and recycled easily. 


 As it comes from a ‘living tree’ the material has a remarkable ability to basically absorb carbon, helping to mitigate the climate change emergency. 


The numbers associated with this sequestering are pretty impressive. Each biodegradable cork pot can sequester at least 1 kilogram of C02. Lush is set to purchase over 500,000 pcs over the next 12 months. 


There is a premium price attached to this king of format compared to other cheaper solutions like alu foil packaging, however Lush has made a firm commitment to sustainable sourcing that includes ecological restoration and rejuvenation. 


Lush has already taken shipment of the first 6000 pots partnering with green logistics company New Dawn Traders. They were shipped by sea in order to minimize the carbon footprint of the supply chain journey. 


Lush Health & Beauty already has a strong record when it comes to plastic free packaging, and being a leader in corporate ethical responsibility. 

They have only traded in product certified 100% cruelty free and vegetarian since their inception in 1995.


Currently about half of their range uses plastic free packaging whilst products that do use it usually require a suitable packaging for liquids. Products like shower gels and face masks. Even then the plastic used is 100% post consumer recycled!


The company sees most of its growth lying in plastic free product offerings. They even opened their first 100% plastic free store in January following the success of similar ventures in Italy and Germany.