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Children accidently ingesting toxic or dangerous substances is nothing new, but the explosion of appealing marijuana edibles has led to a greatly increased risk of THC ingestion. 

This most recent case involves Florida Mom Morgan McCoy who is calling for clearer packaging of marijuana edibles after her 6 year old daughter accidently ingested a gummy bear laced with Marijuana’s active compound THC. 

Morgan recalls that the unornate incident occurred on memorial day in Jacksonville. A friend attending a party with her had jumped in a pool fully clothed unwittingly having a pack of Hawaiian Punch THC sweets in their pocket. He was however an fully legal medical marijuana patient but when he ran inside to change cloths accidently left the supercharged candy on a dresser draw. 

Marijuana Edibles Packaging Appeal

McCoy states “she came across the bag and like any six year old would, ate the candy”.

During the festivities some of the kids went for a nap, including McCoy’s daughter, but when she could not be woken much later on alarm bells started to ring. 

They were in for a bad night. 

The child couldn’t open her eyes and was not responding to stimulus. It was when she started to seize the panic stricken mother decided to call 911. Upon arrival at hospital she was put under immediate observation but all doctors can do in these cases is monitor and give the patient fluids. There are no effective treatments to reverse or inhibit the Psychoactive effects of cannabis. You kind of just need to sit it out. 

McCoy was up all night with her husband watching her daughters breaths per minute reduce sporadically followed by sudden spikes in heart rate. 

Following an overnight stay at the hospital luckily her daughter recovered. She commented that the next day her daughters urine was a strange brown colour interpreting this as a negative effect on kidneys. 

McCoy is now seeking tougher regulations and controls on marijuana edibles packaging. 

Marijuana Edibles Safety

McCoy has reached out to multiple legislators urging them to review marijuana edibles safety with a particular emphasis on packaging. 

She claims many parents are standing by idly whilst companies target kids with deadly doses of THC. The company she claims is guilty of negligence and child endangerment on a national scale but many who do not recognise the legitimacy of medical marijuana will ask questions as to weather these products even be in a child’s surrounding environment at all? 

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