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So what do you need to do to make sure your moving house experience goes to plan?

Well ‘a plan’ is a good place to start so that is what this moving house checklist will help you to prepare for.

First things first.

Things to do before you move house……

• Remember to inform your bank, credit card provider and anyone else for that matter who holds your current address for financial obligations. That includes building societies, charities and lease or car finance companies.

• Make sure to tell any government bodies which has your current address as your legal address. So that’s the DVLA, TV licensing, Inland Revenue etc.

• If this applies to you update your new address on any websites you use. So Amazon and wherever you may do your grocery shopping. In an ideal world you also want to send ‘change of address’ cards to friends and family if that is your thing. If time is an issue set up a Post Office Mail Redirection, it’s easier than you might think and allows you to do it for 3, 6 and 12 months periods.

• Remember to plan your utilities properly. Most often this will mean all need to be switched off. Check the meters the day you leave just for your records as well as checking your new readings on arrival at the new place. With a bit of planning you can arrange for your connections to be ready to go.

• Another small but important item on the moving house checklist is keys. Do a roundup and count on them. So think neighbours, babysitters, parents and relatives. Make a note of what you have and give them to either your solicitor, estate agent or the new tenants.

• Often overlooked on the moving house checklist is phone numbers. Write them down or save them somewhere. These can be for estate agents, solicitors, the movers, the insurers, household utilities and service providers. Include on your list any other useful bits of information like accounts numbers and policy numbers.

• Regardless of whether you are acting independent of an estate agent or letting them handle the proceedings for you. Get the details of the seller’s solicitors in case any complications arise.

• Doctors, Dentist and Opticians also need telling if you are moving house. Just let them you are registering with one in a different area. You can find the nearest service in your area by following this link to the NHS.

Important things to remember continued….

• Ask the seller or landlord of your new home if they recommend local services to use like plumbers, electricians, locksmiths etc.

• Make you check in with your doctor to arrange supplies of any current medications you are using.

• It’s always wise to draw extra cash out on the day of a move. Just in case of emergency.

• This may seem strange on a moving house checklist but keep you phone charged up. You don’t want the battery to die when giving or receiving directions to the new place.

• Think out of the ‘box’ for your moving house checklist. New ideas will keep popping up.

Moving House Checklist

Packaging, storage and transport…..

• One of the most important elements of the moving house checklist is to make sure to order boxes and packaging materials in advance. This is a crucial part of the moving house preparation.

• Regardless of whether you are using a removals company or flying solo you can source your own packaging supplies often cheaper than buying as part of a solution, as well as having piece of mind in its quality.

• If using a removal company it’s worth mentioning that most charge a premium for weekend removals and those on bank holidays. So it’s more economical to plan a mid-week move (generally less stressful as well). Also check they are a member of the British Association of Removers.

• Check your insurance. This is standard for most removal companies but if you are moving items yourself check it is already covered by your home contents insurance.

• The best boxes for moving house are usually double wall cardboard boxes. These are usually rigid and durable enough to deal with most household items. It’s good advice though to pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easy lifting.

• Mark your moving boxes or color code them to the rooms they are for or what is in them. So for example keep mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery in one box labelled kitchen.

• For other packaging materials think bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packaging tape, void fill and foam rolls.

• Those looking to protect more valuable or fragile items during the move may want to consider more sophisticated packaging supplies like edge protectors. For those items sensitive to shock and vibration damage you may want to consider Shockwatch Labels as a cost-effective measure.

For goods that are sensitive to Tilt look at Tip N Tell Labels.

Moving House Checklist continued…..

• You must remember to clean out your loft, shed and garage. Depending on what has built up it may be worth making two lots.

Separate what can go out for your normal rubbish collection as well as what must be taken to the rubbish dump?

As well as this you could consider a garage or car sale to remove clutter and make some extra cash?

What about self-storage as an option for items you do not want to throw out or take to the new place?

• Find out from your new council or local authority what the days for rubbish and recycling collections are. They often differ by region.

• Professional cleaners are always a good option and good etiquette towards the people moving in. This should work both ways as moving house should be a pleasure and no one likes arriving to a dirty house. If you need to make arrangements, make sure you do as soon as possible.

Moving House Checklist for when you arrive…..

• Say hello and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. It’s a good way to start.

• Make sure you have the kids packed and ready for school on Monday morning. That way there’s no rush and you can relax once settled.

• Last but not least on your moving house checklist. Have a takeaway menu or something quick and easy to cook ready. Add to this a drink of your choice and you can celebrate or relax on your first night in your new home.

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