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Moisture Indicator Cards

Valdamark supply the premium range of Humonitor® humidity sensors. They are ideal if your company monitors cargo through the supply chain. They are highly visible and can tell the handler immediately if the moisture within the sealed bag is of an acceptable level.

You can use these cards to monitor Silica Gel and Desiccant usage throughout the shipments journey. Many clients use these humidity cards to measure desiccant usage and decide whether a ‘top up’ is needed.

They can however be used with or without Silica Gel sachets but are highly recommended for all packaging projects where moisture control devices are essential.

The system follows a simple colour change process to alert handlers to excess humidity. This is a Brown colour changing to a lighter blue shade during activation.

These Moisture Indicator Cards feature an intelligent cobalt free design in order to assist manufacturers and shippers in compliance with always changing EU directives and WEEE practices for hazardous shipping.

The ‘market leading’ performance of these humidity indicator cards is thanks to specialist manufacturing technology that results in consistently accurate moisture measurement use after use.

This consistency stems from a design that is calibrated for no less than +/- 5% tolerance when measuring relative humidity.

They are very easy to use with some units featuring a colour coded change reading making different levels of humidity easy to identify. Furthermore we can offer advice on a wide variety of projects as the Humonitor cards can be customised for suitability to specific applications.

Uses for Moisture Indicator Cards

These devices have a wide array of applications with clients coming from a cross section of markets and industries. We typically see enquiries from those looking for Packaging materials as part of wider solution. Clients are those involved in shipping electronics, optical manufacturing, preservation packaging for sensitive items and bulk shipping.

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