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Valdamark Direct have a range of moistop foil products highly suited for use in conservation and preservation storage projects.

These barrier foils or Moistop foil as they are known in the industry are a highly durable 4 ply layer construction made up of laminated aluminium, polyester and polyethylene.

This build makes the material extremely effective at shielding products from gas by products and other typical corrosion damage culprits such as marine air, ingress gas and excess carbon dioxide etc. The flexible nature of the material creates a hermetically sealed environment which is ideal of the lining of showcases to protect from wood or MDF gas emissions.

Often clients approach us with a view to protecting antiques and sensitive items in transit or storage.

This can involve the use of the Moistop Foil as either a case lining for museum cases and export crates or as a wrapping that can be taped down and used in abundance.

It will always depend on the clients project and what they wish to achieve. Usually moisture damage and corrosion prevention are key drivers as the cargo is often valuable and highly sensitive to atmospheric pressures.

Moistop Foil Case Study – Museum of New South Wales

We were contacted here by the museum in anticipation of a major exhibition for ‘far eastern treasures’. This required not only a suitable material for lining the showcases to protect the nearly 900 years old artifacts but also a solution to protect the goods whilst being transported from Beijing to the Museums destination port.

In collaboration they opted for a laminate material with a very low moisture vapour transmission rate. This would ensure total climatic protection as the goods would have a total transport and storage time of nearly 3 months to contend with.

In addition to this we opted to supply the specialist transport company directly with Shockwatch labels to monitor the goods in transit and deter poor handling in the long supply chain.

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