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Valdamark Direct supply Moistop Foil for use lining museum showcases or export cases. They are perfect for protecting exhibitions from mosture and corrosion damage.

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Check out our market leading VAL55HD moistop foil


Moistop is a generic name referring to a multi layered moisture barrier foil (usually aluminium based). More specifically something that has a MVTR rate in line with defense standards. 


The VAL55HD construction is a best in class 5 layer material consisting of PET, PE, HDPE and aluminium. This for ‘the barrier’ that maintains an exceptionally low moisture vapor transmission rate. 


This results in it being very effective for shielding against the most common atmospheric culprits conservators are faced with. 


  • Excess carbon dioxide
  • Gas ingress
  • Marine air
  • Humidity 
  • Perspiration


The material is flexible so it can be cut to size easily and converted by ourselves or you on site. 


Lining museum showcases is the primary use for this but it can also be used for wrapping and sealing sensitive exhibition items individually. 


Its can be attached either using an adhesive of your choice, foil tape or even just stapling it on. 


Delicate items can now be protected well into the long term.


To protect fragile goods further in the during transport and storage take a look at out Shocwatch Labels to prevent and deter bad handling in the supply chain. 


Also our Tip N Tell labels to ensure your goods stay horizontal and upright.


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