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Michael Gove may follow the European Example and go further with the glass and plastic packaging scheme! Watch this space. 

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.theguardian.com

Michael Gove’s plan to reimburse people money for recycling plastic bottles and cans is coming under fire.


Following a consultation on whether to focus only on small drink cartons the current plan is receiving harsh criticism.


On Monday the environment secretary confirmed that he will go ahead with the controversial ‘deposit & return’ scheme. The scheme covers glass and plastic bottles as well as a plastic packaging tax. 


However during the consultation it was revealed that the program may only cover drinks less than 750ml that are to be consumed ‘on the go’.


This limited coverage would include soft drink cans as well as the many water bottles that people tend to buy when out and about. 


It would not included the larger bulk packaging for liquids that we purchase in larger stores. 


Follow the Europeans!


Environmental Organisations however have suggested an alternative. That is to follow the European example and include all glass and plastic packaging as well as cans, regardless of size. 


In some European countries this has led to a surge in this king of recycling!


Take Sweden for example. Here citizens put down a deposit of 8p which they get back when an empty drink container is returned to depository. 


Some countries operate without the deposit process where by they just return any plastic or glass container to get a cash payout. 


Michael Gove also wants to introduce a tax on both the production & import of plastic packaging that contains under 30% of recycled material. 
He hasn’t stated where any of the potential revenues raised will go! Will it be a good cause? Retailers who raise money from the plastic bag levy already deposit this to designated charities.
Gove is pursuing a worthwhile cause. He says he want to get away from the throwaway culture which is plaguing the planet at the moment. 
He has also said that with the introduction of the plans we will create in Britain a world leading tax on plastic packaging. One that makes packaging companies in the UK foot the bill for packaging waste and draw a clear line between this & household recycling.  
In order to become a world leader Britain and Mr Gove will need to focus on resource efficiency and adoption as priority to make sure this scheme and any like it is effective.