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Valdamark supplied the market leading Audion 520 MVMed Vacuum impulse sealer. This validatable heat sealer allows the operator the efficiently vacuum pack and seal sterile medical devices whilst being able to validate and record the process with minimal effort. Channel support and calibration services available.

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The Audion 520 MVMed is a renowned market leading Vacuum Impulse Heat Sealer. 


There are two distinct models to choose from along with an array of factory modifications and optional extras. 


The first is the standard version with the compulsory ‘vacuum & seal functions. 


The second is the ‘MED; specifications purpose built for the medical and pharmaceutical markets. 


This model is a validatable heat sealer which allows the operator to code and record the sealing process in line with the requirements mandated in ISO 11607 both parts 1 & 2.


This heat sealer ensures trace ability and provenance for specimens in the pharmaceutical and medical markets. 


We on several modifications in house including floor stand, work table and bag support features. These further improve the packaging and sealing process, allowing the operator to work with heavier items with ease. 


The sealer itself is a ‘best in class’ medical heat sealer that performs very will for mid to high volume vacuum impulse sealing. 


It is equipped with a vacuum nozzle and bi-active sealing bars for easy opening and closing. This also ensures optimal seals are achieved consistently. Even when sealing at high volumes. 


The stainless steel design means it remains clean and can be made suitable for various clean room types. 


Both the standard and Med variants are available in a variety of widths including 520mm, 720mm & 1020mm.


Calibration and test seal services can also be offered in line with ISO standards. 


Use in conjunction with our medical device packaging 


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