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In the packaging industry, adoption of state-of-the-art technology has become a major trend these days. Different packaging methods are being adopted along with the integration of automated production processes. It’s no different for the medical device packaging market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.92% during the period of 2013-2018, as a recent report from Market Research Store foretells.

Market Research Store has developed its Global Medical Device Packaging Market 2014-2018 report based on a comprehensive market research with inputs from market analysts.

The report covers a thorough analysis of major vendors in the market as well as the vendor landscape. It also provides the details of the main challenges, drivers and trends in the market.

The report touches upon the subject of what medical devices are. It states such devices to be instruments, equipment, apparatus, implants or reagents that are used for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

According to the report, medical device packaging is an essential part of the process to ensure that the sterility of these devices remains intact.

Protection of the devices from outer damage at the time of distribution and handling is also a crucial factor for packaging. Demand for advanced and sophisticated forms of packaging in this domain has increased a lot with the growing complexity of new, innovative devices, says the report.

Device Sterilization Becomes a Part of Medical Device Packaging

The market is distinguished by application products such as pouches, containers, clamshell packs, multiple compartment trays, glass vials and blister packs.

These products are used to package contact lenses, large medical devices, syringes and diagnostic reagents. Firm regulations apply to medical device packaging as the devices are usually sterilized within the packaging materials.

Different packaging procedures are becoming popular such as compression moulding, liquid injection moulding, insert moulding, mill-able injection moulding and transfer moulding.

The medical device packaging market is mostly divided into seven parts depending upon the types of applications. These are Surgical and Medical Instruments Packaging, Surgical Appliances and Supplies Packaging, Ophthalmic Devices Packaging, Dental Devices Packaging, Medical Apparatus Packaging, Electro-medical Devices Packaging and others.

The main customers of this market are diagnostic centres, medical device manufacturers and hospitals.

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