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McDonald’s has released McBike this June. It is a kind of takeout packaging that can be used to carry food as well as drink conveniently on a bike.

The packaging comes in a cardboard box that has a handle at the top, which can be typically used to place it on the handle of a bicycle or bike.

The internal structure of the box is such that it has two side pockets enabling it to carry McDonald’s food items easily.

It also has a hole at the bottom so that one can conveniently carry his or her drink.

Fortune Magazine reported that this new kind of takeout packaging has been designed by an Argentine advertising agency – Tribal Buenos Aires. Initially, the packaging was launched in Denmark, Colombia’s Medellin and Copenhagen.

However, it is expected that this takeaway package will soon be introduced in places like Amsterdam and Tokyo.

This new innovation from McDonald’s is aimed at making the lives of customers simpler. However, the design has already drawn flak and stirred up a controversy.

Is McDonald’s Takeout Packaging a Rip-off from a Student’s 2013 Packaging Design?

The new takeout packaging of McDonald is very similar to the design created by Seulbi Kim in 2013.

She was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design at that time. It has been noticed that even her design had two similar side pockets for sandwich and fries.

It also had a hole at the bottom to conveniently carry a drink. However, the top of Kim’s packaging was different from that of McDonald’s design.

In Kim’s design, both the pockets came together to form a hook while McDonald’s takeout packaging had an additional slit that allows customers to slide the box through the handlebars of a bicycle or a bike.

In her site, Kim says she designed this package to help carry fast food more efficiently while decreasing fast-food packaging by 50%. She also said that she was not contacted by anyone for this design.

She added further that it is good to see her design in the market. However, the fact that it has been copied is something that troubles her.

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