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Valdamark Direct supply the market leading range of heat sealer machines from Hawo GMBH. As the master distributor we offer a full range of dealer services for these best in class devices.

No matter what your project or budget these high performance, CE approved machines come in a variety of standard sizes and platforms.

If you require a hand held sealer machine for mid to high volume sealing work we recommend either our HPL WSZ machine or it’s sister model the HPL ISZ. The WSZ is purpose built for the sealing of heavy gauge/thick aluminium foil laminates making it ideal for export and industrial packaging. This machine is a constant heat sealer featuring a serrated/grooved seal quality.

The ISZ is an impulse heat sealer that can be considered ‘multi purpose’ in that it will seal both medium gauge thin film laminates and regular plastics such as Polyethylene (PE) & polyester (PET). The impulse heat delivery will give you an optimal, timed seal so you are not as exposed to operator error. The machine itself uses time rather than temperature settings like the WSZ.

If you require a table top heat sealer take a look at either the HPL 300 BMS or the HPL 500 BMS. These premium machines come coated in stainless steel as standard. They are perfect for cutting film reels to size in order to produce your own conversions. Optional extras include work table and roll holders. They are a popular choice in the medial and pharmaceutical sectors.

For more demanding projects you may wish to consider a HPL 450, 630 or 1000 AS. These table mounted heat sealers come complete with cutters and interlocking magnets. As a standalone machine they come with foot operation as standard. For a an easier to work configuration consider a foot operated standing impulse sealer platform. Fully adjustable it allows the operator to weld and seal a variety of flexible packaging formats.

Where you need to seal high volumes we would suggest the HPL 500 or 1000 band sealer machines for continuous sealing work. These rotary heat sealers are popular in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors as they deliver consistent, reliable and optimal seals for medical bags and pouches. Sterile or non sterile they are CE approved and conform in full to the validatable process requirements prescribed under EN ISO 11607-2.

If you require a vacuum sealer consider the sophisticated HawoVac HV range of next generation impulse vacuum sealers. These next generation machines are designed for the most demanding of sealing projects and are fully clean room compatible with Air Purity Class 6 / ISO 14644-1.

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