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At the upcoming Pack Expo in September this year, a brand new Counting Line will be presented by the Marchesini Group for the American market. Compact 24 Synchro is a Monoblock, capable of running high volume production speeds along with top counting precision.

This will be exhibited at the Pack Expo with Sirio 3 Bottle Unscrambler/Bottom Code Reader. The Sirio 3 is efficient in handling square, round, rectangular or oval containers.

Compact 24 Synchro is one of the newest packaging innovations brought forward by the Marchesini Group for the solid dosage packaging market. This Monoblock is designed to handle high manufacturing rates (up to 150 vials a minute). At the same time, it ensures the highest feasible counting precision.

Packaging innovations of the Marchesini Group

Thanks to the Marchesini Group’s R&D department, two technological innovations have jointly worked to offer a combination of high speeds and accuracy level. The first is “Twin Flap” technology that expands the speed of 12 channels of each counting unit by radically decreasing the dwell time of the bottle below the funnel (without increasing contact parts’ number).

The second technology is the Synchro-dynamic conveyance system that moves the counted material into the vial in uninterrupted motion while the vial gets fed along the line.

The Synchro-dynamic process, along with “Twin Flap” technology, creates a dual counter for each unit. The end result is the highest innovative Monoblock rigid dosage counting line available in the market. It assures complete effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

Marchesini Group’s branch in the USA will organize its attendance at Pack Expo. Located in West Caldwell, New Jersey, the branch is well equipped to meet the increasing demands of quality conscious packaging clients. The branch offers a complete range of equipment including blister and deep draw thermoformers, cartoners, vial, form/fill/seal machines and many more.

Marchesini Group will be exhibiting in Pack Expo 2015, which would be held in Las Vegas from the 28th till the 30th of September. It will display its new Counting Line to professionals from the biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical devices (including impulse heat sealer units) and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. All are expected to attend the show.