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In the 2nd week of June, United Fresh announced the winners of the 2015 New Product Awards in 5 categories.

The winners were chosen from a record 45 fresh vegetable and fruit innovations finalists at United Fresh 2015 in Chicago. The Award for Best New Packaging was given to Maglio Companies for its ReadyRipe Watermelon Pouch.

Headquartered in Wisconsin’s Glendale, Maglio Companies has been in business since 1902. It is a renowned brand, known as a produce processor, distributor, repacker and logistics provider.

The company has been offering the best and freshest produce via modern packaging technology, coupled with an old-fashioned, conscientious service and quality.

This win was a notable feature in its cap of achievements.

The ReadyRipe Watermelon Pouch of Maglio Companies consists of two gusset bag designs, customised for quarter- and half-cut watermelons.

These bags have a large viewing area to let customers get an easy view of the fruit quality before buying.

This patented packaging design, used exclusively by Maglio Companies, keeps the fruit fresh for an extended period. Compared to traditional plastic overwrap methods, fruits packed with this technology stay fresh for up to 11 days from their date of production.

Maglio Companies awarded for Novel Packaging Technology

Apart from the extended shelf-life, these ReadyRipe Watermelon Pouches feature a compact, convenient carry handle.

They also feature a resealable storage design, and empower the consumer to buy only the amount of watermelon they need. This packaging product has already been tested successful in a market of over 600 stores across the U.S. Maglio Companies plan for a rollout in other markets this year.

The company’s product innovation manager, Joe Delgadillo said they were honoured to win this prestigious award. He added further that this win will give the company an opportunity to increase exposure of its products with innovative design.

He said that they hope to continue bringing innovation in the fresh produce market, thus helping consumers enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits with extended shelf lives.

In the upcoming PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo in July, Maglio Companies will display their award-winning packaging product – ReadyRipe Watermelon Pouch.

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