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Independent coffee brand Little’s has launched new look fully recyclable, plastic free packaging across its range of flavored instant coffee.

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Little’s Coffee has chosen the launch a new 100% recyclable Eco packaging for its range of flavor infused instant coffees. 


The new design is completely plastic free instead using aluminium lids and a glass body. 


Moving from plastic to glass also brings significant benefits by extending the product shelf life. Moisture Barrier Packaging like this helps protect the content from the usual atmospheric pressures like moisture, gas, marine air and gas by products. 


As well as this Little Coffee also want the new packaging to improve shelf presence and visual appeal. Most important is communicating to the customer that the little brand is premium and one that appeals to a more affluent market. 



Will Little the co founder has stated that the new flavor infused instant coffees are made using 100% Arabica beans that are slow infused with premium hand picked flavorings. 
He went on to say that he had spent decades trying to perfect the perfect coffee recipe. He reckons he has now cracked it and wanted to focus on branding the product correctly by telling customers it is premium and innovative. 
I think Little will do well to target a younger market with this design. You could say it is ‘trendy’ but also has the visual appeal they were seeking. 
It’s also a very clean design and will look unique in the very populated coffee isle. Its got personality for sure. 
The strong font and typography partner well with the pattern and color scheme. It also makes each individual product in the range stand well apart from the one next to it. 
Well done!