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A carton is generally made of paperboard or corrugated fibreboard. However, liquid packaging cartons have different designs and sizes based on the requirement of the packager.

Persistence Market Research Pvt. Ltd – a market research firm, has recently conducted a research on liquid packaging.

The research says that such kinds of packaging are mostly used with the objective of safe storage and secured transportation.

The liquid packaging carton market can be divided on the basis of the kind of liquid product they carry and the geographical distribution. Liquid packages are generally categorized into water, soft drinks, dairy products and juices.

As far as the geographical distribution of liquid packaging is concerned, North America and Europe seem to be the most mature markets.

This is because people in these regions have higher acceptance towards packaged food products.

It’s interesting to note that in the recent times, the market of Asia-Pacific is growing at an increasing pace.

The primary reasons for the shift in packaging dynamics include a rise in population, an increase in the amount of disposable income in the hands of people, and change in preference among people for convenience products.

Liquid Packaging Cartons Become Popular in the Asia-Pacific Region

The research predicts that over the years, India and China will have a major contribution towards the overall growth of liquid packaging cartons.

The reasons that will drive this shift in the mode of packaging across many countries include growing demand for eco-friendly products and a clean environment, along with convenience products suited to a fast-paced life.

Since it’s convenient to use these packages in comparison to glass packages, more and more industries and customers are opting for them.

Another reason that is boosting the use of liquid packaging cartons is a rising demand for aseptic cartons. Aseptic cartons are made with a thin layer of plastic and aluminium.

The best thing about such packaging is that they facilitate the preservation of food for a longer time without the addition of any preservatives.

Despite fears that numerous restrictions on the use of plastic packaging may hinder the growth of liquid packaging industry, continuous innovations have helped it to thrive.

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