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Nitrites are organic compounds that interact with VCI packaging materials to form a thin, invisible corrosion-inhibiting film on metal surfaces.  Nitrites are volatile and can be released into the air, which is why VCI products need an enclosed environment such as sealed packages or containers.

VCI packaging with nitrite based VCI molecules will offer protection against corrosion even after the VCI material itself is gone.  Valdamark VCI packaging with nitrites has a much longer effective life than without and can offer up to 3 years of protection against corrosion.  Additionally, VCI packaging using nitrite based VCI molecules is more environmentally friendly as they do not contain halogens or formaldehyde.

At Valdamark, we are committed to providing our customers with safe and effective VCI packaging products. We have never used Di cyclohexylamine nitrite in any of our products, and we do not use amines of any kind because they are known to be skin and respiratory irritants.