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Heat sealing machines are used in a variety of different industries some of which include aerospace, agriculture, and food processing. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry can require heat sealers that comply with specific standards for the packaging of end-sterilized medical products as well as for use in clean rooms.

Typically, heat sealing is used to preserve products vulnerable to moisture damage and other contamination when being transported or stored. The hermitic, air proof seals that a professional heat sealer machine give can allow for extended product shelf life and ensure products reach the end user in optimal quality & condition.

Heat sealers are used for a wide variety of applications. Designed for use on flexible packaging films a hermitic seal from a professional sealer machine produces airtight packaging that can protect sensitive products during transport or storage.

Heat sealers are used across a range of industries and sectors. Industrial, asset preservation type applications to seal heavy machinery and precision parts. Sensitive medical devices and sterile products in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. As well as aroma preservation and shelf-life extension for foodstuffs, nutraceuticals, chemical and agricultural supplies to name but a few.