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Valdamark Direct is one of the UK’s leading providers of heat sealers, vacuum sealers and more to the pharmaceutical industries. Over the years, we’ve provided a diverse range of essential sealing equipment to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Whether you’re looking for reliable heat sealers to deliver long-term reliability, or vacuum sealer machines to adhere to ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards, we are here to help.

Our industry-leading range, and exceptional service, means you can find the perfect sealing equipment to suit your needs. Whether you need a hand-held heat sealer to handle small runs of packaging, or an industrial vacuum sealer to quickly package large runs to medical equipment, enquire today.

While we’re based in the UK, we ship across the world, including Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. All our prices are quoted for mainland Europe, so please enquire further about specific delivery costs to your area.