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KFC says its goal is to have all plastic-based, consumer-facing packaging be recoverable or reusable by 2025. The chain says this commitment supports their long-term plan to have a more sustainable packaging in its restaurants.

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Another big multi national cave’s in to the plastic waste awareness.


KFC has confirmed that all of it’s consumer focused plastic packaging will be replaced by recoverable or reusable alternatives by 2025.


This fast food chain has commented further saying that this move is part of a long term plan to use more sustainable packaging in it’s restaurant outlets.


As they plan to achieve the goals as early as 2025 KFC has developed a road map in order to form partnerships with key suppliers, product packaging companies and the franchises themselves. This is to help establish viable plastic packaging alternatives in each market sector. 


The road map contains initiatives for this including an audit of the current product packaging in place as well as identifying any plastic waste reduction opportunity. 


They also want to set market specific goals in order to encourage and create incentive for plastic reduction. 


It remains the franchisee themselves responsibility to design and execute their own sustainability program. Many of these will have needs that are unique to their local area and customers. There are also different regulations for different areas. 


Sustainability is nothing new to the KFC brand. All of their 84 Singapore based restraunts have been working to get rid of plastic straws and lids for the past 2 year. Their Romanian & French franchises already have targets set to phase out and replace plastic straws & lids. Whilst in India they have already removed all plastic packaging bags from their restaurants. 


KFC is a subsidary of Yum Brands who already have target sourcing commitments for their brands. They want to have 100% fiber based packaging suppliers by 2020. By 2018 they had already achieved 69% of this target. 


KFC has more that 22,000 restaurant locations globally. They are a big influence when it comes to encouraging sustainable approaches to packaging in the fast food sector.  


These vital changes are a big nod to the question of how seriously they take customer concerns.