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Even after getting a firm cold shoulder from their boss Jeff Bezos, Amazon Employees are not giving up in their quest for climate change justice at the global company.

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This week over 8000 Amazon Employees have signed an open letter asking their company to take action in reducing it’s environmental impact.


It was hoped that they would be able to make their case directly to their boss, Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon. With the annual shareholder meeting taking place this Wednesday in Seattle there seemed like no better time to catch Bezos when everybody was watching!


However he was unavailable – at least not at the shareholder meeting on Wednesday. 


Hew as present to answer question on stage in the afternoon and discuss the years business highlights. The climate change proposals were mentioned later on but when the employees who had penned it were given an opportunity to speak, Bezos was not even in the room!


It was Amazon employee Emily Cunningham who first stood up and introduced the proposals to other shareholders at the meeting. a


Emily was nervous with her first question asking simply – ‘where is Jeff Bezos?’


She had requested his presence so she could ‘speak with him directly’ however the event moderator could only respond by saying ‘he will be out later’.


It is safe to say an awkward silence then followed!


Emily asked if Bezos would would be able to hear about their concerns at some point? The moderator replied with ‘I assume so’.


This was an issue close to the heart of many Amazon Employees and it was were disappointing to them that they were unable to get the attention of their leader. 


Taking to the Amazon Employees for climate justice twitter account they said ‘this is not the kind of leadership we need to tackle the climate crisis’. They want a clear path for the company to become carbon neutral with zero emissions. 


Amazon is operating in an increasingly complex landscape with the $915 billion dollar global company having to deal with increasingly fierce criticism and scrutiny over its questionable business processes. 


The company is still heavily reliant on ‘heavy’ emissions producing trucks and planes as well as using an enormous amount of corrugated packaging as well as polythene sealer and foil packaging


Aside from carbon emissions the use of heat sealer machines and conveyor belts in their distribution and fulfillment centers uses huge amounts of electricity – usually from coal fired power stations.


This is just the tip of the iceberg though. It is thought by most employees there that radical action is required to address the companies impact on the environment.  


Will the Jeff Bexos and the Board listen though?