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Samsung has announced that it will start taking steps this year to replace plastic packaging materials with paper and other environmentally sustainable……

Sourced through Scoop.it from: businesstech.co.za

The electronics giant Samsung has announced that as of next year it start implementing its plan to replace plastic packaging materials with paper and other environmentally friendly alternatives. 


From early 2019 Samsung’s current product packaging line, which ranges from phones to tablets & home appliances will be replaced with eco friendly packaging such as recycled or bio type plastics and paper. 


Samsung is also looking to replace the holders for their mobile phone, tablet and wearable items with a recycled pulp mold. Their accessories currently use plastic which will be replaced with foil bags for packaging 



Also being altered is the phone charger design which will swap the shiny exterior for a sleek matte finish. This also replaces the need for protective barrier laminated film


Plastic bags are also used to cover the surface of home appliances like TV’s, washing machines and other home fittings. These will be swapped for recycled alternatives and bio plastics. 


Bioplastics are an interesting alternative as unlike other plastics they are not manufactured from fossil fuels, rather sugar can and starches. 


Samsung has states that it will only implement fiber materials that are approved by the global environmental organisations including the Forest Stewardship council. As opposed to regular paper that is manufacturing intensive. 


Samsung Electronics is stepping up its game by restructuring it packaging usage. Plastic packaging waste and resource depletion are two of the biggest challenges facing the planet today. 


Its good to see a company taking steps to adopt eco friendly packaging solutions even if it means slightly increased costs. 


By the year 2030 Samsung aims to use about 500,000 tonnes of recycled plastic packaging.