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Ithaca Coffee Company is a small batch coffee retailer/roaster based in Ithaca, NY. The company is set to launch a completely new design and package.

Sometimes back, it acquired a custom built, modern drum roaster, which will facilitate the extraction of a broader range of flavours as compared to its previous roaster.

The roaster, commissioned into service 6 weeks ago, is presently set in the company’s roasting and production facility, which was acquired in July 2013.

Ithaca Coffee Company’s new biodegradable and recyclable package was conceived completely in-house. This product packaging, boasting of a unique design, feature a custom made Kraft Paper box that’s screen printed.

The box also displays the company’s local origin in Ithaca, NY. Every box showcases Ithaca Coffee Company’s practices and philosophy, along with a concise list of brewing suggestions.

The boxes feature tasting notes and use colour coded labels to help customers easily recognize the countries of origin and varieties of coffee. The back label of every box shows the origin of each variety of coffee.

How the New Packaging Will Help Ithaca Coffee Company

According to Chris Ganger, Ithaca Coffee Company’s Manager of Coffee Roasting and Production, the new packaging aims to offer some helpful information to the customers without overwhelming them.

He also said the drum roaster will facilitate them to discover some explosive new flavours.

By showcasing the quality of their products without sacrificing useful information, the new packaging will also help the company attract customers who really want to know more about its products.

At present, packaged coffee from this company is available on the retail shelves of several regional grocery markets including P&C Fresh, the Village Bakery and Cafés, GreenStar Cooperative Market and Wegmans. Early response from wholesale customers towards the company’s new boxes was very positive. The new sturdy package is expected to maintain better integrity during transport. It will also facilitate easier storage and stacking up for in-store displays and on shelves.

Ithaca Coffee Company’s new package reflects the company’s objectives of remaining approachable to the casual buyer. At the same time, it highlights the complex and exotic flavours of its coffees.

The boxes using this new packaging will be introduced in mid-July this year. A full rollout is anticipated by August 1, 2015.

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