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The Ithaca Coffee Company is introducing its new range of exciting in their newly designed range of product packaging boxes. 

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The Ithaca Coffee Company is a small independent coffee retailer based in the Ithaca area, New York. 


They also provide grinding and roasting services for their specialty coffees. Now they are looking to design an array of completely new product packaging designs for their range of flavors. 


Itchaca have recently acquired a brand new bespoke drum roasting and bag sealing machine to facilitate the extraction of what is a broad range of new flavors. 


According to the company the previous coffee roaster was not up to scratch. This new model will be introduced into service next month at the companies roasting & production site. 


The Itchaca Coffee Company has designed the new packaging completely in house.


This new product packaging boasts a unique design in the coffee world featuring customer printed kraft boxes that have been screen printed with individual designs. 


Each box shows off the companies proud local heritage, clearly stating that they originate in Ithaca, New York. 


The box’s details precise brewing instructions as well as the philosophy and ethical practices of the Itchaca Coffee Company.



New Packaging to help the Ithaca Coffee Company

The Ithaca General Manager Chris Granger has stated that the new packaging is intended to impart some new & helpful information, without lecturing or overwhelming them. 


He also went onto say that the new coffee drum roaster will allow the brand to explore exciting new flavors. 


The new product packaging is intended to help customer who have a genuine desire to learn more about coffee and Itchaca’s products.


The newly packaged coffee will be availbe in selected retail outlets later this year. They include the Village Bakery, GreenStar Cooperative Market & Wegmans.


Initial feedback on the new product packaging has been very positive. Wholesale clients have commented that the boxes have maintained better integrity than other Bulk packaging for food



They have also found it easier to store as well as stack when being presented on in store displays. 


The Ithacha Coffee Company has done a great job with the new packaging. It reflects Ithacha’s brand image whilst remaining very attractive to the casual buyer.