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New MRE packaging set to reduce the weight of food sacks while locking in freshness and enhancing the product’s shelf life. That’s Meals Ready to Eat btw.

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Check out this new innovative packaging from MRE Packaging. 


Military packaging researchers are focusing on ready to eat meal packages used by the armed forces. Specifically how to extend the shelf life of the food further and keep it fresh.


The use of non laminated foil packaging in the new prototypes will please many parties at once as not will weight in the meal pack be reduced but there still significant saving on the cost. 


The development has been done at  Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering center. Here they have been working with nanotechnology which means the new meal kits will use nano composite materials which can fit into thermoplastic resins. 


Sounds complicated because it is! 


Put simply it means the new military packaging will use synthetics in its construction. The army has been quoted as saying these materials are up to 1000 times smaller than traditional and natural fibers. So they can be wound & woven more tightly. This is what makes them more effective at keeping moisture out!


So the prototypes offer a superior airtight seal than before as well as that of most moisture barrier packaging alternatives. 


The shelf life of these new meal kits is up to 3 years!


You cannot forget about the weight savings that are gained with the new nanotechnology materials neither. For a soldier this is crucial to decrease the burden on a foot soldier. Every little helps. 


As it is essential to be certain that the new meals comply with strict military packaging standards they are currently under going tests to determine their long term viability.