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When it comes to the premium Shiawase banana Nendo spare no expense in creating the best barrier packaging for the Japanese market.

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Nendo Premium Banana Features Impressive Second-Peel Packaging

Ah the humble banana. Perhaps nature gave this fruit the perfect natural high barrier packaging ? Mother Nature really did well here enabling its peel to protect the fruit and ripen with changing color. 
It even biodegrades making it an eco friendly packaging product. 
Japanese company Nendo liked this when working on packaging for the premium Shiawase Banana. They decided to approach the project improving on the Bananas already impressive packaging design. 
Shiawase Bananas grow in the Philippines, specifically in the Mindanao national park where the high altitudes and favorable climate produce the worlds best bananas. 
The Shiawase variety is sold nearly exclusively in Japan. 
The name mane happiness in Japanese and is said to make those growing, harvesting or eating it content with their lives. 
The banana was awarded 2 stars at the the prestigious superior taste awards hosted by the international taste & quality institute in Belgium. 
The project came about for Nendo via an commission from UNIFRUTTI Japan. They wanted a unique and innovative product packaging to make the product stand out. 
UNIFRUTTI is one of the largest fruit distributors in the world.  




Nendo Banana Packaging Solution

The final design decided on by Nendo included a carrier bag and double layered fruit sticker, placed on the bananas peel-able surface. 


One of the designers at Nendo explained that it was not the intention to create an extravagant solution for the premium product, but rather a environmentally friendly packaging solution that could be easily replicated. 


The product presented several challenges in that you do need to close it by using a heat sealer for food packaging set to the appropriate temperature. 


The two layer label mimics the surface texture, colour and feel of a bananas skin. For barrier packaging films this kind of innovation is unheard of!


Objectively it is a very nice feature that means a certain level of interaction is required of the consumer. 


In my opinion it is very impressive. I would go as far as to say this is playful packaging that stays true to the bananas natural beauty. 



Great job Nendo!