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When it comes to Flexible Packaging suitable for industrial applications Valdamark excels with a range of high performance Industrial Packaging Foils.

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In today’s globalized world high value and sensitive items are being shipped to more numerously and frequently than ever before. 
For those companies involved in export packing, shipping and storage it is vitally important their packaging for export shipping
conforms to the strict regulations often required for export packaging of this kind. 
Many of our export packing clients will often make decisions from packaging specifications provided by their client or end user. Here the performance of flexible packing is essential to ensuring the goods arrive in factory and defect free. 
Valdamark have earned a reputation for production of market leading industrial packaging that outperforms other legacy foils and films for every export project. 
Indeed our materials meet and exceed all standards relating to military specification packaging. These include the German Din Standard, MIL PRF 131 J, DEF STAN 81-75/2 – TYPE 1 CLASS A & NF H 00 310 CLASS IV.
Our core range of foil laminates suit most requirements but also be adapted with additional features to suit your requirement. Increased tensile strength, longevity, VCI film & enhanced moisture and corrosion protection properties.
Not to mention Valdamark has become a ‘go to’ company for the extrusion & lamination of custom films to a clients specification. 
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