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Many of Valdamark’s clients operate in industrial markets where industrial packaging specifications dictates what products are required. This can be either as per the end users specification or to an international standard where regulation may apply to the condition certain goods are stored and transported in.

When it comes to Flexible Packaging suitable for industrial packaging applications Valdamark excels with a range of high performance Industrial Packaging Foils that conform to a variety of international regulations.

In today’s global market with high value and sensitive items being manufactured and shipped worldwide these regulations provide important uniformity for the condition goods travel in.

We see this example with the German DIN Standard, US Mil Spec and British Def Stan. All recognised globally as benchmarks in export logistics.

From our range we can match foil laminates to suit this application with whatever additional features may be required, this can be a laminate with increased strength and longevity, one suitable for Electronics Packaging or one with superior moisture/corrosion protection properties.

With consultation we can determine what your key requirements are and offer the best solution that ultimately ensures when shipping sensitive items with the correct material, they arrive in factory condition.

As we continues to provide shipping solutions to clients we have witnessed significant developments in the demands of the end user. As most goods sensitive to moisture and corrosion damage are often mechanically based and high value this presents a challenge to those responsible for its safe transport.

Optimal condition is demanded regardless of duration and storage. Most of the time with bespoke projects we find that in addition to Packaging Foil the goods will often require moisture to be controlled intensively with Desiccant or Silica Gel. Often we handle projects that consist of humidity sensitive items that will require monitoring with humidity cards to ensure this does not reach hazardous levels.

On occasion we assisted clients furthermore with solutions for cold goods transport. For these temperature sensitive articles we used an economical commercial foil to produce a 10cm x 10xcm foil pouch. With the inclusion of a cool pack pad we were able keep these highly sensitive items protected in a cold environment between +2°C to +8°C for a 72 hour transport period.

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