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Last year, states passed groundbreaking legislation to help repair the broken recycling system and move companies faster towards their 2025 sustainability commitments.

In 2021 it became increasingly clear that we have a waste problem in this country – this is a global problem but one that is particularly apparent in the United States and wider western world.

We live in a world where Recycling isn’t delivering what its capable of anymore due in large amount to external forces like the increased amounts plastics being used across industries. Or advancements within manufacturing processes leaving behind more synthetic fibers which cannot be recycled because of their chemical contents, making them too dangerous for human consumption. The single use, disposable culture that many of us adhere to does not help neither.

The recycling industry may have cause for some hope as 2021 comes to a close. With the coronavirus continuing with it’s disruption, more people than ever before have turned towards virgin plastic for heat seal packaging – but will this momentum lead into 2022? Looking toward this year and beyond here are three packaging trends you’ll want at to keep in mind –

More Produce Responsibility 

The idea of extended producer responsibility has been around for decades, but only in 2021 did it reach the U.S., with Oregon and Maine passing laws requiring manufacturers to help fund collection/processing packaging while other states such as New York not far behind.

Truth in Labelling 

The new “Truth in Labeling” law for recyclable materials is a step towards more sustainable practices and lessens consumers’ confusion about what they are buying. The passage of this bill shows that there’s no shortage of will when it comes to environmentally friendly changes, but rather an endless supply!

Toxins Removal

The EPA has found that when recycling is done properly, more harmful chemicals are introduced into products. This may be an issue for the circular economy and its ultimate goal of purity.” Toxins need to be removed from packaging where possible now.

Holistic Approach To Packaging

One of the biggest tragedies in this field is that it’s all about the recycling conditions as they exist right now. There are however so many other factors to consider when packaging is designed. We need sustainable packaging stakeholders and consumers alike on board with moving beyond just following industry guidelines for what can be recycled or composted. People want more than just those two options if they’re going green!

Growth of Loop and Reusuable Packaging

Reuse pioneers Algramo and Loop are contiuned to expand in 2021. This time around, they’re raising $8.5 million from Series A funding round for their expansion into cities like Jakarta, New York, Mexico & London

More Accountability

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is looking forward to seeing progress towards their goals in 2022. “We’re that much closer,” said Goodrich, noting the score card for benchmarking company’s performance will be an important tool during this time period. It all comes down taking action and making the changes needed by 2025 standards, sooner if necessary.”

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