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By installing Mimaki’s new CFL605RT flatbed cutter in its store, i-Sub becomes the first Mimaki distributor.

This installation will allow the system’s instantaneous displays together with i-Sub’s Digi-Foil. This digital foiling system incorporates the Mimaki UJF-6042 desktop printer.

Planned as a versatile cutting and plotting system, the Mimaki CFL605RT will help packaging development, labels, signage, decals and much more, as and when the need arises.

It’s suitable for different substrates including soft foam material, PET sheet, coated board, vinyl and synthetic leather. It also comes loaded with a pen tool for making line drawings and features a folding and creasing option.

I-Sub – Other System Features that the Packaging Industry Can Benefit

Users will get different cutting options with the system. PET and similar media can benefit from a tangential cutting tool.

Thicker materials can leverage the reciprocating cutting tool. For thin substrates like PVC or coated board, there’s an eccentric cutting tool. The system also has a creasing roller to facilitate carton creation.

The Mimaki CFL605RT has back side cut function to give the best front finish, mark-sensor for precise cutting, and roll as well as vacuum holder units to keep media in place. All these will help provide first-rate, professional packaging and almost any other product depending on the chosen media’s capabilities.

When used with Mimaki Rasterlink software and Mimaki UJF-6042, the Mimaki CFL605RT offers an absolute solution for original goods production. Introduction of i-Sub’s innovative Digi-Foil to the procedure offers an even more sophisticated system.

Digi-Foil consists of a foil material and heated applicator, along with Mimaki UJF-6042 desktop printer. It allows foil effects’ creation for personalized products and packaging prototypes, similar in appearance to the ones produced by conventional dies and foil presses.

However, Digi-Foil takes a fraction of the time compared to its traditional counterparts, with considerably less waste production.

Thus, it speeds up the packaging development processes.

Andy Spreag – i-Sub’s Director, said that they were looking display the new Mimaki CFL605RT and let customers know what a great system it is on its own. i-Sub also plans to highlight how the system is complementary to Digi-Foil and the Mimaki UJF-6042 desktop printer.

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