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Pakistan, which has the third largest donkey population in the world, will export the animal to China, opening the avenue to earn millions from the trade, according to a media report.

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Did you know Pakistan has the third largest Donkey population worldwide?

Yes they do and now they will export them to China. This could potentially earn them millions in revenue from the trade. 


Donkeys are quite the asset in China used extensively for their hide’s in traditional Chinese medicine.


In particular Gelatin from the Donkeys skin which in TCM has long been prized to have medicinal benefits. Specifically benefiting the blood and improving immune system function. 


Pakistan has over 5 million Donkeys and despite the trade imbalance China is still number 1!


A official at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was quoted as saying the Chinese are showing a big interest in Donkey farming in Pakistan and are getting ready to invest up to $3 billion USD. 


These Donkey Farms and bulk packaging facilities are a new initiative that have not been seen in Pakistan before. According to sources at least two donkey farms have been constructed in Dera Ismail Khan with another in Mansehra. 


This has all been done in cooperation with a ‘foreign partnership’. 


The first three years hope to see up to 80,000 donkeys export shipped in protective packaging to China.