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Heret Printing is a company based in Yaven, Israel. For more than 75 years, it has been providing innovative and world-class production packaging solutions to numerous industries.

The brands to which Heret offers enterprise-level, supply chain and customized print distribution services are Ahava, Soda Stream, Sabon and several others.

Heret also offers luxurious and high-end packaging solutions to a large base of elite clientele in the beauty, skin and cosmetic industries.

Heret was the first to implement the globe’s first HP Indigo 30000 digital press. This empowered its packaging converters and helped speed up the process of folding cartons.

In March 2015, the company installed the newest version of the in-line iFOIL system and MGI JETvarnish 3D.

With this digital solution, Heret Printing will be able to produce custom-made 3D spot coating and hot foil stamping applications for all its offset and digital presses. Even the HP Indigo 30000 would benefit from these new installations.

How Heret Printing aims to Leverage the New Installations

With digital UV spot coating of JETvarnish 3D, Heret can empower its print customers with the availability of personalized packaging solutions. Thus, these businesses can create a deep emotional connect between their brands and target customers.

By going digital for Spot UV Coating and Foiling, Heret Printing is set to enjoy a quick turnaround, no media changes, no plates and tooling, and much more,” said the company’s V.P – Yarden Ben-Dor.

He added further that Heret’s HP Indigo 30000 and iFOIL/MGI JETvarnish 3D offer the ideal partnership for all B2 (50×70) packaging needs for folding cartons up to 550 micrometres.

The iFOIL and JETvarnish 3D use MGI’s patented hot foil stamping and inkjet technology to provide digital Spot UV coating in basic 2D and 3D (with a maximum thickness of 200 micrometres) and embossed, textured effects on the foil in a solitary pass.

The Digital Embossing and Hot Foil functions are aligned with the varnish application procedure on substrates and sheets measuring up to 52×1050 mm in size.

Capable of working with 100% variable data, this digital Spot UV coating procedure has barcode reader options.

Thus, it can deliver personalized spot varnished prints with unique texts, numeric data and graphics.

The iFOIL and MGI JETvarnish 3D are giving amazing tactile finishing results for large, medium and small runs.

All customers of Heret Printing are extremely impressed by the output.

To know more about such new technologies and solutions, stay glued to the corporate site.