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The Hawo® hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut™ 3 Side Seal Pouch Making Machine is a ‘best in class’ machine for the sealing of pre-formed sterile barrier systems and other sensitive medical device packaging materials.



The Hawo® hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut 3 side seal pouch making machine is a market leading ‘best in class’ device for the automatic production of flat and gusset pouches.

This HAWO hm 8000 AS/AS-V 3 side seal pouch making machine has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness in a single, easy to use platform.

The 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut is a validatable machine making it suitable as standard for sterile packaging validation testing.

This innovative platform combines both film reel dispenser functionality with a high performance impulse heat sealing mechanism of action to produce sterile medical device pouches to any length and desired quantity.

Cost effectiveness and efficiency go hand in hand with this device as waste is kept to a minimum as size is programmed against individual customized settings.

The production output of this pouch packing machine is up to 4,800 finished pouches per hour.

This combined with market leading build quality, compact frame dimensions and a stylish appearance making this machine a ‘best in class’ pouch making device.

Why choose the Hawo® hm 8000 AS/AS-V pouch making machine?

The 8000 AS & AS-V platforms seal flat or gusseted rolls made from paper or plastic Tyvek® with minimal material waste.

Pouch lengths are customised on an individual basis.

The machine also has a small footprint covering an area of only 74 cm (29 inches) and can standalone not requiring an inlet or outlet area on either side. This means you can use the machine in very small spaces.

The AS-V model of this machine is validatable making it perfect for producing heat sealable pouches and rolls in accordance with EN ISO 11607-1 & EN 868-5.

High Output & Productivity

This machine features a high rate of production of up to 13 cycles per minute (or 700 per hour) allowing flexible film pouches to be produces cost effectively at a high volume output.

The wide roll holder has ample space and can support up to 6 x rolls of film which can all be used simultaneously. This machine can therefore produce a very impressive 4,800 pouches an hour when just sealing only. Pre made pouches are easily sealed post filling.


This Hawo bag machine was made with the operator in mind. Sealing and bag making work like this should be as simple and as easy as possible.

This is why the hm 8000 AS & AS-V is aligned to maximize the most space out of the work area. Maintenance is also minimal with quick change spare parts used and available from stock here at HAWO distributor Valdamark Direct.

Additionally a low energy consumption of just 200 watts goes on to emphasise the impressively low running costs of this machine.

The Hawo GrennTek™ technology ensures this energy consumption here and across a number of other devices.

The machine also features an automatic stop and standby function.

SizeMatic : 3 side seal pouches cut to size

This innovative, next generation machine is formed in no part thanks to the SizeMatic technology used in this machine.

The problem of sterilisation pouches being too long or short is now a problem of the past.

Unlike other sealers with cutters the optional scanner when used in conjunction with the SizeMatic™ scale allows users a seamless process from start to finished sealed and recorded packaging

The process could not be simpler. Users simply allow the length of the product, input the number of pouches to be produced and scanned.

The machine then calculates the length of the pouch automatically.

Any safety parameters are also automatically calculated and taken into account varying by the relevant standard.

Please note – this function is only available in this device HAWO hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut


The machine features a fully integrated keypad which can be further enhanced with the optional hawo IntelligentScan™ system.

With this different formulas can be pre-programmed and the setting selected with just a scan of the reader.

When in variable distance mode (VSD) the edge of the seal seam can be adjusted within a range of 10 – 50mm (0.4 – 2.0 inches)

The machine can also be connected to the label printer option allowing you to easily print batch documentation labels.

It can be connected to existing documentation systems using a standard RS 232 & USB interfaces.

There are 3 x modes of operation

Production Mode – 3 side seal pouches produced completely and automatically.

Seal Only Mode – When using pre-made pouches they are sealed on the fourth side following filling.

Cutting Only Mode – Pouches are pre cut and not sealed.