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The Hawo® HM 780 dc & DC-V rotary band sealer is a premium, professional device that is capable of sealing a variety of sterile pouches and reels in accordance with the BS EN 11607-2:2019 requirements. Perfect for use in hospitals and reprocessing units for medical devices (RUMED).



The Hawo HM 780 dc and DC-V rotary band sealer for the automatic closing of sealable pouches and rolls.

Both the hm 780 DC and 780 DC-V are rotary band sealers suitable for the closing of sterile barrier packaging types like pouches and reels.

The validatable DC-V machine produces ISO 11607 professional packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices making it a great choice if you are packaging medical instruments in hospitals and other RUMED type healthcare facilities.

In addition to the ISO 11607-2:2019 conformity the DC-V variant also meets the requirements prescribed by the World Health Organisation and the World Federation For Hospital Sterilisation Services (WFHSS). The model hm 780 DC conforms to ISO/TS 16775.

Hawo HM 780 dc and DC-V Features

Integrated Printer

Both machines are microprocessor controlled and feature a single line matrix printer. This internal system will print all requested information onto the packaging during the sealing cycle.

Information like batch codes, lot numbers, personal ID’s, contents descriptions and expiry dates can all be printed.

The machine can also be supplied with the optional IntelligentScan® barcode scanner in order to print out the symbols as prescribed in the previous BS EN 980 standards.

Seal Strength and Integrity 

The DC-V machine features the HAWO SealPeak® 12mm sealing seam. This flat seam or sealing weld if you prefer means that seals conducted with a HAWO packaging machine feature outstanding strength and stability that only increases from the outside edges towards what we call the SealPeak®.

The seal edges are soft which makes puncturing by medical devices and other instruments very difficult. When pressure is applied to the seam at any point the contents is naturally caught by the SealPeak® in the center where strength is at it’s peak.

The sealing seams themselves also demonstrate impressive peeling properties with SealPeak® minus the paper shredding (even when tears occur in the wrong direction).

This technology is also great when used in conjunction with gusseted packaging bags.

Why InkTest Pro?

InkTest Pro HDPE is red for Tyvek® packaging materials or black for other polyolefine materials. This InkTest is a cost effective way to comply with the routing testing recommedations made by the Robert Koch institut (RKI).

Material Compatibility and Flexibility

The 780 DC-V is suitable for packaging –

  • Heat sealable paper bags (EN ISO 11607-1/ EN 868-4)
  • Sealable paper pouches (EN ISO 11607-1/EN 868-5) made of film and
    paper in line with EN 868-3
  • Sealable pouches & reels in accordance with ISO EN 11607-1/ EN 868-5 made of film and uncoated materials made
    of polyolefins in line with EN 868-9 (e. g. Tyvek®)
  • Sealable pouches and reels as per ISO 11607-1/EN 868-5 made of PP fleece or PP nonwoven.

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