How to use a hand held heat sealer safely

5 Tips for Heat Sealing Safety

It may be a given, but hand-held heat sealers can be very dangerous and cause burns if you aren’t careful. Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, it is crucial to use heat sealers carefully and with respect.

Here at Valdamark, we supply only the safest hand-held heat sealers to our customers. We take workplace safety seriously, which is why we have covered everything you need to know:

What is a Hand-Held Heat Sealer?

Hand-held heat sealers (also known as welding guns, hand sealing tongs, and crimp heat sealers) are the most basic bag sealer machine and are a type of impulse sealer and direct heat sealer. Their simple, small, and lightweight design make them ideal for sealing small bags.

Are Hand-Held Sealers Safe?

Yes, hand-held sealers are safe in a wide range of environments, so long as they are treated with care. They heat up quickly to a high temperature, causing burns if the heated elements come into contact with bare skin.

When used sensibly though, the chances of injuries are slim.

What Temperature Should I Seal at?

The answer to this depends considerably on the poly material you wish to seal. Different plastics have different melting points, so it is important to know what temperature your poly material can withstand before you use your bag sealer.

In addition, you should always only use the minimum amount of heat required to get a good seal – excessive heat could cause damage or distortion to your packaging. In some cases, it could even cause the content within the packaging to spoil or become unsafe.

How to use a hand held heat sealer safely in the workplace

Below are five top tips for keeping you and your employees safe when using a hand-held heat sealer:

  1. Educate your employees

For the safest possible workplace, it is important to educate and inform your employees about the dangers of hand-held heat sealers. Make sure that everyone who uses the hand sealing machine has a sound knowledge of how it works and how to operate it safely.

  1. Use only the minimum amount of heat required

As already mentioned, you should only use the minimum amount of heat required for a good seal, otherwise it can damage the product. So, never apply more heat to your packaging than is necessary.

  1. Don’t allow children or animals near the bag sealer

This should be obvious, but it is important that you don’t allow children or animals near the heat sealer machine whist it is in operation. The last thing you want is for someone to accidentally come into contact with the heated elements and get burned.

  1. Keep the area around the bag sealer clear

It can be tempting to store equipment and other things next to a heat sealer, but this is a dangerous practice, especially in a busy workplace. A fire could break out if something falls onto the heated element, so ensure that the area around the hand-held sealer is clear when in use.

  1. Inspect the hand sealing machine regularly

Regularly inspect your heat sealer to make sure that it is in good working order, looking out for any signs of damage and checking that all the safety features are working correctly.

By following these simple five steps, you can help to minimise the risks of hand-held heat sealers in your working environment.

How to use a hand held heat sealer safely: How Valdamark can Help

Here at Valdamark, we are dedicated to providing a complete range of heat sealers to suit your needs. We offer a premium and high-performing range of hand-held heat sealers that have a record for safety and reliability.

For more information on how to use a hand held heat sealer safety see our our heat sealer knowledge base. .